"T'isn't he who has stood and looked on that can tell you what slavery is, 'tis he who has endured."

-John Little, 1855, fugitive slave




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If you want an average and predictable slave narrative film, this ain’t it. 

In 1936-1938, the Federal Writers' Project interviewed 2,300 ex-slaves to document “slave” life using the very words of the men and women who endured it. 

For the first time in our history, those original ex-slaves’ interview transcripts are brought to new life by the amazing multiracial cast of Another Slave Narrative.  

You've never seen a slave narrative like this. 

Slavery was the worst days that was ever seed in the world...
It was work hard, get beatings, and half fed.
— Mary Reynolds, 105 years old
So when he bid for me, I told him: ‘Judge Miller, don’t you bid for me cause if you do, I wouldn’t live on your plantation. I’ll take a knife and cut my own throat from ear to ear before I’d be owned by you.’
— Delicia Ann Whiley Patterson, 92 years old



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